We offer more than just high-quality castings.

At Südguss years of development know-how and extensive production and materials expertise are coupled with comprehensive knowledge of the market, resulting in an impressive range of services.


Casting by casting.

In addition to high-quality unfinished castings, we also offer our customers fully machined parts and component assembly. One of our partner foundries, ORTRANDER, has been supplying thin-walled, weight-saving high-quality grey iron and spheroidal graphite iron castings for approximately 120 years, currently producing around 28,000 tonnes annually. Innovation and flexibility, paired with the expertise our employees have developed over many years, are the foundation of the enduringly successful partnership. Grey and spheroidal graphite iron casting materials are cast on box-less moulding machines with vertical parting (DISA system). ORTRANDER has been using this technology for many years – a period during which the firm has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise. And the right touch. To the benefit of our customers.