Diversity in casting.

Production know-how and market knowledge.

We offer our customers far more than just high-quality castings. At Südguss years of development know-how and extensive production and materials expertise are coupled with comprehensive knowledge of the market, resulting in an impressive range of services.

Our capability and flexibility are assured by our own two foundries and by our strong network of many national and international partners. In China, for example, we have our own site staffed by Südguss workers.

This makes us strong.

Globally active family company

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Thanks to our international approach we are able to offer a broad range of quality casting products for diverse applications and industries. Our staff speak a variety of languages, facilitating communication with customers and suppliers worldwide.

Everything from one source

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Turning an idea of a technical solution into series production of entire components requires extensive technical knowledge, development skills and production expertise. At Südguss you will have one dedicated point of contact, who will collate up-to-date information on technical details, take care of moulding box sizes and alloys, and organise secure pattern management. Because this relieves you of an array of administrative tasks, you are able to concentrate fully on other matters.

Comprehensive market know-how

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We possess comprehensive market know-how, buying power and knowledge of market-specific details. This means our customers always profit from the best quality at the best price.

Long-term, lasting customer relations

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We place a lot of value on long-term, customer relations based on trust. Anyone familiar with us, knows: we don’t just talk about customer service, we live it. This approach would not be possible without highly motivated and well-qualified employees. Our long-term employees are one of the mainstays of our company. With their dedication and experience of the entire production process they play a crucial role in customer satisfaction.

German quality standard

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We manufacture all over the world to German quality standards and at very attractive and competitive prices. Moreover, the close relationships we have developed over many years with our partners guarantee the highest product quality and absolute reliability at all times.


„Long-term partnerships make us strong.”


Karl Rosai

Casting quality.

Every single casting you receive from us is subject to extensive quality controls

Reliability of organisational and production processes is assured by the EN ISO 9001 quality management systems. Our quality standard brooks no compromise. We give our customers a product guarantee on all supplied goods. Product liability issues are always settled in strict accordance with German law. Our partner also manufacture and produce in accordance with applied quality management systems.

Service as another mark of quality.

Quality to us means: We no only supply you with high-quality castings, but also offer a range of upstream and downstream services.

This includes sound advice on casting technique for your engineers, as well as recommendations of suitable material qualities or creation of accurate patterns. We collate up-to-date information on technical details, take care of moulding box sizes and alloys, and organise secure pattern management.