Turning an idea of a technical solution into series production of entire components

requires extensive technical knowledge, development skills and production expertise.


Customer service for casting.

Our customers not only benefit from our products, as the Südguss portfolio also includes individual services from product development in close collaboration with our customers using 3D-based pattern creation, to punctual delivery of goods. Regardless of whether you want to take advantage of our entire range of services or just one aspect: customised offers are our strength.

As a Südguss customer you benefit from:

  • The latest development and process technologies:
    We continually invest in new technologies to ensure the continuity and stability of our processes.
  • Consultation incorporating 3D data:
    Pattern and casting data can quickly be compared with the original data using high-performance 3D scanners.
  • Pattern and tool making:
    Production of patterns made of wood, metal, plastic and polystyrene, as well as general tool making. Existing customer patterns incorporated in our production processes.
  • A partner for the entire product range:
    From unfinished castings to assembly of pre-finished components and individual custom-made designs.
  • Our market overview:
    Years of experience of national and international markets result in many advantages for you.
  • Extensive logistics services:
    We supply what customers want. This includes sales-ready product packaging, as well as order picking, storage in our modern high-bay warehouse, indoor loading, and punctual delivery to the specified location. And of course, we are happy to assist our customers in other ways at any time.